We Are Cup Neutral

Cup Neutral is a collaborative venture between BCS, Small Batch Coffee Roasters and other independent cafes and hospitality business in Brighton and Hove.

We want to make a positive impact on coffee cup waste and believe improving cup recycling is the simplest and most effective way to achieve this.

If you’re reading this then the chances are you want to help reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and do your bit to protect the environment and the world we live in….. well you’re in the right place!

Whether it’s a milky latte, a frothy cappuccino or classic flat white, due to hectic life styles and busy work schedules we have all become reliant on on-the-go coffee, resulting in a significant increase in demand for the take-away cup. We have now become more conscious than ever about what we consume and what really happens when we toss that empty cup into the bin…

The Aim of Cup Neutral

We are making it our mission to get as many ethically minded businesses to join the project as possible; taking a pledge to becoming ‘Cup Neutral’. By addressing the recycling and waste collection elements of cup usage, we aim to reduce our carbon foot print and do our bit for the planet.

The project relies on a collaborative effort from both businesses and consumers and we recognise that consumer education is key.

The nature of a take away cup is just that, it will be taken away. Each coffee shop on the project will commit to having a Cup Neutral bin at their site, so by having as many businesses participate as possible, we can maximise the number of collection bins across the city.


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How It Works

So you understand the purpose of Cup Neutral but how does it work?


For every box of cups you buy, you get a collection for the same amount of cups


The collection bins are located in lots of places (even places that don’t sell coffee), check out our map section for bin locations


The empty cups & lids are then collected by Paper Round and taken to be fully recycled at the correct facility

What The Cup is Made Of

When designing the cup we knew we would need to reverse engineer the process. We wanted to make sure that each component of the cup was fully recyclable and it’s exactly that!

The design of the cup has been kept very simple. By using minimal ink and white card makes the recycle process much quicker and easier.

Likewise, we chose a white lid as this is easily detected by the sorting machine at the recycling facility.

DID YOU KNOW ….. Black coffee cup lids are generally not recycled & more often than not they end up in incineration; unfortunately machinery is unable to detect them during the sorting process as the carbon black colouring makes them pretty much invisible!


Our Cup Neutral Bins

For each box you buy, you will be given a collection bag with each delivery which will hold 500 cups, once this is full Paper Round will come and collect it. Simple as that.

Ideally the bins will be full with Cup Neutral cups or others that are 100% recyclable, however all other branded cups will be accepted, collected and sorted to be recycled as best they can.

Our bins are in development and will be revealed very soon!

Where to recycle your cup

Click on any of the Cup Neutral icons below to navigate you to your nearest recycling bin

Feel free to contact us If you are interested in becoming Cup Neutral or simply would like to find out more information about the project please get in touch!

Call us on 01273 358535 or email info@cupneutral.org

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